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Fractional Investment

Fractional investment enables you to purchase portioned shares of Frying Pan Tower, so you get the benefits of ownership without the upfront expense. It is the best kind of ownership and a way for multiple owners to share the cost of a high maintenance structure like a tall tower in the Atlantic ocean.

What It Means To Be A Frying Pan Tower Owner

Instead of buying outright, you invest in a share, or shares, for use and enjoyment of the tower. It is not intended to be a business investment, rather an investment in your future and family.

As a fractional owner, you legally own a share or shares of Frying Pan Tower depending on how many you purchase. This means when you invest in fractional shares of the tower, you obtain a fractional title, which is yours for perpetuity, or until you sell it. This form of ownership allows multiple owners to share the use of Frying Pan Tower for enjoyment purposes.  

This is not to be confused with a timeshare. The main distinction between timeshare and fractional ownership is that with a timeshare you buy the right to visit a property. However, with fractional ownership you are investing in a piece of the structure that has been divided into shares. A fractional investment gives owners certain privileges in using the property that a timeshare does not.

Fractional ownership is not for everybody. If you are interested in learning more, fill out the Ownership Inquiry Form and tell us why you think you would be a good fit as a fractional owner.