Frying Pan Tower™ Adventure Trip for 4

$10 Entry for A Chance to Win

An Eco Adventure Trip for four for a 3-day, 2-night stay on the Frying Pan Tower™, a decommissioned US Coast Guard Lighthouse Station located 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean.

Enter for A Chance to Win

Grand Prize Includes

  • Transportation to and from Frying Pan Tower by charter vessel or helicopter
  • Private ocean-facing temperature-controlled rooms
  • Personal chef-prepared meals to suit your taste

With your choice of activities:

  • Gulf Stream charter fishing trip or SCUBA diving nearby wrecks
  • Snorkeling under the tower with schools of fish all around
  • Practice your golf swing by hitting biodegradable golf balls
  • Fishing from the main level outside walkway 70′ above the ocean
  • Test your aim by shooting biodegradable clays off the helipad
  • Playing corn hole on the helipad, (hint adjust for the wind!)
  • Stargazing at night with a tracking telescope
  • Soaking up the sunshine in hammocks on the helipad
  • Playing pool on the original 1964 Brunswick table
  • Relaxing in the hot tub on the helipad
  • Grab a morning cup of coffee and watch the sun rise above the waves
  • Kick back with a cool drink as the sun sets and the Milky Way appears above
Monthly Bonus Day Trips with The Qualified Captain
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scuba diver under frying pan tower
Fishing Charter
Fishing Off Frying Pan Tower
The Qualified Captain at Frying Pan Tower

Monthly Bonus Prize Drawings

Each entry includes a chance to win a day trip for 2 people to Frying Pan Tower with transportation on The Qualified Captain’s Onslow Bay 33’ Tournament Edition Center Console. The bonus day trip includes charter fishing or snorkeling underneath the tower, lunch and a guided tour of the tower.

The grand prize winner will be announced Monday, May 27, 2024, at 7:00 PM ET. Monthly prize winners will be drawn at random each month through May 26, 2024. Winners will be notified via direct message and published on social media. 

FPTower Inc. Raffle Terms and Conditions

Transforming Frying Pan Tower's Future

The Frying Pan Tower™ light station stands as a testament to maritime history, resilience, and the enduring spirit of adventure. To preserve this iconic landmark, major repairs are urgently needed. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our fundraising raffle, where you can play a crucial role in the restoration while getting a chance to win an incredible trip!

Why Restoration Matters:

Frying Pan Tower, with its rich history and breathtaking views, is a true treasure. To ensure it continues to stand tall against the elements, we have embarked on an ambitious restoration project. Here are some of the key areas we aim to address:

Reinforcing the Structure

Over time, the tower has weathered the sea's relentless forces. Your support will help us reinforce the structure, ensuring it remains a beacon of history and hope.

Replacing Cross Pipes

The cross pipes are critical to the tower's stability. By replacing them, we safeguard the tower's future.

Repairing Walkways and Stairs

The tower's wrap-around walkways are a highlight of the Frying Pan experience. Funds from this raffle will help us restore and replace these iconic features.

Increasing Solar Power

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we plan to add more solar power. This eco-friendly initiative will reduce our carbon footprint and power our operations.

Join Us in Preserving History

Frying Pan Tower™ has weathered the storms and stood strong for decades. Now it’s time for us to step up to secure its future. By participating in our fundraising raffle, you become a guardian of history, a protector of heritage, and a champion for the Frying Pan Tower.

Don’t miss a chance to win incredible prizes while making a lasting impact on this historic maritime landmark. Purchase your raffle tickets today and stand with us in transforming the future of Frying Pan Tower!

Together, we can ensure that this beacon of history continues to shine for generations to come.

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scuba diver under frying pan tower
Fishing Charter
Fishing Off Frying Pan Tower
The Qualified Captain at Frying Pan Tower