Restoring Frying Pan Tower™

FPTower Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of restoring Frying Pan Tower™. Our purpose is to restore, protect and preserve the retired USCG light tower so it can continue to provide safety to mariners in the Atlantic, offer shelter to a natural ecosystem for marine wildlife, and be a resource for environmental research and education studies. 

There are many ways you can help us achieve this goal, but the biggest impact you can make is by giving a monetary contribution. Every dollar counts with 100% of the proceeds being used to cover the costs of restoration and repairs. 

Frying Pan Tower Signature Coffee

Frying Pan Tower Signature Blend

FPTower Inc. is proud to partner with Black Powder Coffee, a small batch, craft roaster of responsibly harvested coffee beans that are shade grown at high elevations from many origins. This Signature Blend is designed exclusively for Frying Pan Tower™ with a bold, smooth and flavorful hint of cocoa and cedar wood for a delicious morning coffee! 

A portion of the proceeds are used to support our mission to restore, protect and preserve Frying Pan Tower™ when you buy direct from Black Powder Coffee. 

Thank You To Our Valued Sponsors

A big shout out to our business sponsors who support the mission of FPTower Inc. We encourage our site visitors to check out these businesses online, and support the businesses who support Frying Pan Tower™.