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Frying Pan Tower

The Frying Pan Tower is an iconic piece of American history and a monument to American engineering and strength. Due to its unique location in the path of hurricanes, the tower is very popular in the media with TV stations and weather forecasters across the nation. As the American flag flies high over the tower, retired flags flown over the tower are auctioned off for charity to raise money for hurricane victims and restorations to the tower. 

Frying Pan Tower | Away Message Remote Video

April 23, 2020
Source: Our State Magazine
By: Jeremy Markovich

COVID-19 – Social Distancing from the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean

April 23, 2020

Richard Neal decided to self-isolate and work from home by moving into his ocean getaway office. It just happens that it’s 85 feet up, surrounded by sharks and 30 miles out to sea.

Viral sensation Frying Pan Tower flag up for auction after Florence

October 1, 2018
Source: The Charlotte Observer

American flag that survived Hurricane Florence as millions watched live on camera while flying on Frying Pan Tower was auctioned to raise money for the American Red Cross to support victims of Hurricane Florence.

Frying Pan Tower flag auctioned off for nearly $11K to benefit Hurricane Florence victims

October 1, 2018
Source: WTVD | ABC News 11 | Southport, NC

The American flag that once sat on top of the Frying Pan Tower has been auctioned off to help the victims of Hurricane Florence. 

Frying Pan Tower Slider Image 1

Owner Ends Auction For Frying Pan Tower

May 15, 2018
Source: WilmingtonBiz
By: Cece Nunn

A former U.S. Coast Guard light station that was turned into an ocean bed and breakfast six years ago is no longer up for auction. As a result, Neal said he plans to go with a limited fractional ownership model that will come with bylaws.