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FPTower Inc. Receives Grant to Further Its Operation to Restore Frying Pan Tower

FPTower Inc., the non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the historic Frying Pan Tower, is thrilled to announce a contribution from Explore.org, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation. This vital funding will provide general operating support, further empowering FPTower Inc.’s mission to breathe new life into this iconic landmark.

A Beacon of History and Sustainability:

The Frying Pan Tower has long served mariners navigating the treacherous waters off the coast of North Carolina. While its role in guiding ships has shifted in the age of GPS, the tower remains a crucial outpost for emergency response and scientific exploration. FPTower Inc. is deeply grateful for Explore.org’s recognition of their multifaceted mission.

Grant Impact: Preserving the Past, Protecting the Future

Explore.org’s contribution will empower FPTower Inc. to:

  • Continue Restoration Efforts: Address the corrosive effects of the Atlantic Ocean and ensure the tower’s structural integrity for generations to come.
  • Enhance Marine Research: Provide a platform for studying the wonders of the underwater world surrounding the tower.
  • Embrace Sustainable Practices: Transition to 100% solar power, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Inspire Future Generations: Offer volunteer opportunities that combine hands-on restoration work with environmental education.

A Shared Vision for Exploration and Preservation

“We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of Explore.org,” says Richard Neal, Executive Director at FPTower Inc. “This grant allows us to continue our vital work of preserving the Frying Pan Tower while fostering a deeper understanding of the ocean environment.”

FPTower Inc. is committed to responsible stewardship of this historic landmark. Explore.org’s contribution plays a pivotal role in ensuring the Frying Pan Tower remains a beacon of history, sustainability, and scientific discovery for generations to come.


FPTower Inc. extends their sincerest gratitude to Explore.org, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation. When acknowledging this funding in print, please recognize Explore.org as the donor.



We rely on volunteers who can donate their time and talent to help us achieve our mission to preserve Frying Pan Tower. During your stay on the tower we provide on-site accommodations and food for meals. All donation proceeds are allocated for the restoration, repairs, and routine maintenance expenses, and do not provide for the cost of transportation.