Frying Pan Tower™ Eco-Tourism Adventure Weekend


Come join us and enjoy serene sunrises, flaming sunsets, full moon watching, or Milky Way star gazing in a unique dark-sky environment. Relax and recline in a deck chair or gently swing in a hammock in the cool breeze on the large helipad 80’ above the Atlantic Ocean below.

When the winds, waves, and ripping currents allow, ride the hoist down to the sea and swim in the aquarium of life below within schools of gloriously colored bait fish, patrolled by razor toothed barracuda and watched by sand tiger sharks beneath. It’s an adventure of a lifetime for a surface snorkeler or an experienced SCUBA diver!

Once you have purchased an ecotourism adventure trip you will be contacted regarding your trip details and to schedule the dates of your stay.

* Give a GIFT trip! Mention so in the comments when donating and we will contact you to create a personalized gift certificate! 

Your Frying Pan Tower Adventure Includes:

Outdoor Activities:
  • Fishing from the wrap-around 70’ walkways,
  • Skeet shoot biodegradable clays or explode binary targets with a rifle, boom!
  • Challenge your tossing skills with some high-wind corn hole.
  • When waves allow, snorkel or scuba dive the 50’ deep protected reef under the tower.
  • Test your golf swing with biodegradable golf balls,
  • Or, relax around the helipad wood-burning firepit and experience a nighttime display of fireworks
Indoor Activities:
  • Enjoy your fresh catch of the day with family-style dining
  • Play pool on the original 1964 Brunswick pool table
  • Throw darts or test your barroom hook-n-ring skill
  • Play any number of games, cards with or without an associated friendly wager
  • Listen to your choice of music, watch sports or your favorite movie with our high-speed internet access

Click Calendar for Weekends Available

All ecotourism visit proceeds are dedicated to the restoration of the Frying Pan Tower. Click Calendar Icon to see which weekends are available for Eco-Tourism Adventures.


Select the number of guests below and proceed to checkout:


  • Charter vessel transportation to and from the tower is included with each booking
  • Food and non-alcoholic drink supplies are included (Alcohol BYOB)
  • Guests are responsible for preparation of their own meals and cleanup
  • Bookings are per person and must be paid in full before your stay will be scheduled
  • A chef may be booked with advance notice for an additional booking fee
  • Guest minimum age allowed is 10 years old when accompanied with responsible adult
  • Please use the comment area to request your trip date or to note if this is for a GIFT CERTIFICATE
  • Reservations are per person (facility has 4 queen rooms, 3 twin rooms, and a crew room with 5 twins)
  • Maximum of 16 guests allowed for the 4 queen (at double occupancy), 3 twin rooms, and 5 twins in crew room
  • 7-day cancelation notices receive 100% refund. 3-6-day cancelation notice receive 80% refund
  • Non-weather or non-mechanical related cancellations 2 days or less forfeit 100% payment
  • Inclement weather cancellations will be rescheduled or refunded
  • Friday to Sunday trips are the standard with exceptions considered on request
  • No illegal drugs allowed. No pets are allowed. All safety rules must be followed
  • Guests will receive a safety briefing prior to arrival at Frying Pan Tower
  • Guests who do not comply with safety rules will be removed at their additional expense
  • Trip reservations may not be transferred to another person without prior approval of FPTower Inc.
  • A completed Frying Pan Tower Liability release waiver is required per person prior to departure
  • All reservations expire 1 year after date of purchase if not used
  • Maximum advance booking date is 8 months in advance from date of purchase
  • Dates may change due to weather or other conditions beyond control of FPTower Inc.
  • FPTower Inc. is not responsible for on-land portion of any guest’s costs due to delay or otherwise