Shark Cable Inspection Part 2

Shark camera cable inspection Part 2

Got the cables unwrapped with a SCUBA dive yesterday! Also last night woke up and tracked the moon with our new AXIS helipad camera! It has some amazing zoom! With the cables freed, I can re-terminate one and test the repaired shark camera and be ready to put it back under close to the bottom! There are so many aspects to getting this restoration done and just because you can’t scuba, or weld does NOT mean you wouldn’t be a great volunteer or Ecotourist! Our Volunteer and Ecotourism trips are every other week! See for the details, restoration supporting merchandise, or to make a donation! Richard If you would, please consider becoming a monthly Supporter by swapping the equivalent of 1 cup of fancy coffee per month! Sign up where it says “Supporter” on FaceBook or hop over to

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