Big blow Tuesday

Big Blow Tuesday!

Last night the winds kicked up with gusts to 40mph and still are kickin this morning! Volunteers made some great breakfast which we all agree, was delicious! And so you don’t just watch us drink coffee and eat, here’s a dunk into the beautiful blue froth below where the schools of fish are just hanging and riding it out in style!

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  1. Bernardine Yantz

    When I was young we use to fish close to the tower at times, so I’m glad someone is restoring the place. My grandson was watching the tower on MoreJStew on YouTube tonight and I knew exactly what they were talking about before they said the name. I told my grandson he would enjoy a visit to your place but at the moment we would have to win the lottery to go but we understand the price because of the upkeep. Thanks for all you do keeping that part history alive. God bless y’all

    1. Richard Neal


      Thanks for your kind words! One thing to remember is that if a volunteer can get a ride out and back with a friend who is a captain and has a boat, then there is $0 cost to volunteering! We have volunteers with many different skills and always have projects for everyone to participate in! All the best! Richard

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