Bedroom on Frying Pan Tower

Main Level Renovations, Maintenance and Repairs

The interior of the tower was originally designed to house a young Coast Guard crew with bedrooms, bath, recreation room, kitchen and other normal residential-like facilities.

Over the years, salt air has attacked the interior living areas. Current projects for renovating the interior area include:

  • Scrape, treat for rust, and paint the interior walls.
  • Apply foam insulation to the underside of the helipad (interior ceiling).
  • Install new fiberglass ceiling tiles.
  • Rebuild wooden peninsula counter top and shelving unit.
  • Repair and patch sub-flooring.
  • Apply floor leveling compound.
  • Replace vinyl flooring in the common areas
  • Add carpeting in the bedrooms.
  • Repair bedroom closet storage areas.

These repairs coincide with updating fluorescent lights to LEDs, installing high speed wireless throughout, and making modern energy saving improvements such as motion detection lighting in key areas.

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