Replace and Install New Watertight Portals

Each side of the tower, North, East, South and West have a watertight lever-lock portal doors designed to keep out the elements during hurricanes, stormy weather and other normal ocean events.

Our doors have survived over 50 years and are aging out with holes and saggy hinges so we sourced some brand new doors that were scheduled to be attached to a ship.

Rusted Portal Door Handle

We have already acquired these and are ready to install them for another 50+ years of service with stainless steel fittings and classic portals to view the storm through.

New Replacement Portals

Once we get them to the tower, we will install and plumb all five (5) 600 lb doors level. This will keep the elements out of the tower during tropical storms and hurricanes.

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The restoration of Frying Pan Tower is managed by FPTower Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring, protecting and preserving the former United States Coastguard (USCG) Light Station off the coast of North Carolina for environmental studies and future generations.