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Shark camera cable inspection Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Riy_85VmBsY Got the cables unwrapped with a SCUBA dive yesterday! Also last night woke up and tracked the moon with our new AXIS helipad camera! It has some amazing zoom! With the cables

Shark Cable Inspection Part 1

https://youtu.be/Bu0GFvYnWJg We have the shark camera ready to go back down and now need to get the cables repaired. I tried to pull them up, but they were stuck! After a bit of

Big Blow Tuesday!

https://youtu.be/P0zNAJWF9E4 Last night the winds kicked up with gusts to 40mph and still are kickin this morning! Volunteers made some great breakfast which we all agree, was delicious! And so you don’t just

Golden Grouper Sunday!

https://youtu.be/cJlFHMARzC4 You never know what will come by the deep camera about 45’ under the ocean surface so put it on one of your SmartTV or second monitor, or just take a look

Sea Turtle Saturday

https://youtu.be/5l1Vp7ggXc0 Yesterday as we were watching the Explore.org shark camera, we were surprised by a sea turtle taking a look at the camera, even bumping his nose against the glass! This got the

Over The Side

https://youtu.be/ErC3RhjQMBE Up for a quick cup of lovely Frying Pan Tower signature blend coffee from Black Powder and to watch the sunrise on the horizon! We’re going to be working again on the

What We Did Together

https://youtu.be/CYA0daGQ1gk This week more electrical repairs were done with additional baseboard heaters installed including the wiring that was CUT by hacksaw sometime in years past. And more welding under the perimeter walkways where