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Replace and Install New Watertight Portals

Each side of the tower, North, East, South and West have a watertight lever-lock portal doors designed to keep out the elements during hurricanes, stormy weather and other normal ocean events. Our doors

Install Seafloor Mooring and Buoy System

The sea floor around the Frying Pan Tower is a protected reef nearly a mile in diameter. This means the sea floor below has restrictions on dragging objects like anchors across it or

Replace Cross Pipes

The water-level of the ocean is a harsh environment where the corrosion by salt water is aggressive. We are focusing our efforts to prevent these structural members from becoming compromised by the yearly

Replace Cathodic Protection System

Basic chemistry comes into play when you place a steel structure into a salt bath and watch the long-term effects of galvanic corrosion over several years! Since the tower is grounded deep into

Auto-Start Generator and Charging System

Solar is great until it’s cloudy and the ever-present need for constant power is put in jeopardy. To provide the clean current that powers research, we need to keep our battery bank charged. This

Main Level Renovations, Maintenance and Repairs

The interior of the tower was originally designed to house a young Coast Guard crew with bedrooms, bath, recreation room, kitchen and other normal residential-like facilities. Over the years, salt air has attacked